Create A Space

Create a space for your team to collaborate in. Once you've created the space, invite people to it. When you create a space, you become it's moderator. You can also be added as a moderator to spaces that you didn't create. You could create a space for your team, another for the whole site, a space with the people you're working on a small project with, a current events space, and anything else that you need.

If you need a space that is going to be used to share information only, you can turn on announcement mode. Only moderators can post messages or files when announcement mode is on, and is an efficient way to keep everybody up-to-date with important information.

Send Messages to Your Team Or An Individual

When you have team messaging mode, you can send messages to a group or to an individual. Your team spaces are the ideal location to talk about your work, plan strategies, discuss deadlines and anything else you need to work on with your team.

The messages you send are persistent, which means you can log out of Cisco Jabber and when you log back in, your spaces and messages are all there. In fact, the best way to start your work day is to check up on the spaces where you have new messages!

You can flag any messages you want to come back to later, and delete messages you've sent. You can also format your text to look just how you want it to using bold, underline, italics, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and heading levels.

You can also filter your messages to get exactly what you need, be it your direct messages from someone, your list of spaces, your unread messages, your favorites, messages that you've flagged, and spaces you've been @mentioned in.

And if you need to find something, but can't remember which space it was in, you can search for a person's name, a message, or a file. Just type what you're thinking of into the search bar, and choose the filter you want: Spaces, Messages, or Files.

Contacts and Presence

You can create a list of contacts so that the people you need to work with directly are all listed in Cisco Jabber, for you to reach out to when you need something. You can also search for new contacts to add.

You'll have presence, too, so your coworkers can see when you're available, last active, on a call, in a meeting, out of the office, or don't want to be disturbed.


Send files to your coworkers in your groups or direct messages. When someone shares a file in a space, everyone else can preview that file without having to download it. And you don't have to use up space on your computer saving all the files there, because the files are stored in your spaces. Just select Open File Tab to see the list of files that have been shared in that space.