Customer Care Using Care Desktop

Care Desktop Overview

Care desktop is a browser-based application that allows you to interact with customers contacting customer support.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you use a supported browser. Care desktop supports:

  • Firefox Version 45.0 and above

  • Chrome Version 55.0 and above

Care Desktop Elements

  • In Progress Tasks—Displays accepted tasks. For more information on how to accept a customer task and respond to a request, see Respond to a Request.

  • Communication Pane—Displays a customer chat window during a customer chat activity or displays call information during a customer call activity.

  • Customer Journey—Displays a collection of recorded interactions between the customer and your organization. Use the customer journey to provide context to customer requests. For more information on the customer journey, see View Activities and Requests in the Customer Journey. You can also move activities within the customer journey. For more information, see Move an Activity.

  • Customer Details—Identifies the customer and displays customer details, including the customer's name, email, and phone number. For more information, see Create a New Customer Record or Update Customer Information.

  • Request Details—Provides information on a specific customer issue. Request details include the request name and a description of the customer issue. Care Desktop automatically closes each request 5 days after the request or any activities associated with the request are updated.

  • Activity Details—Provides information on a specific customer interaction. Activity details include the media type of the activity and tags assigned to the activity.

  • Comments—Provides additional information on a customer interaction. Comments are specific to each activity. For more information, see Add a Comment.

  • Add Request—Creates a new request. Create a new request to help customers with a new issue. For more information, see Create a New Request.

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