There are two separate calling offers that leverage the same Webex Calling platform. One offer is for service providers (SPs) and their customers while the other offer is for value added resellers (VARs)and their customers. For the most part, the offers are identical and as such, we refer to them generically as Webex Calling. However, there are some differences and where we need to call out those differences, we'll make sure you know whether they apply to SPs or VARs.

While both offers are administered in Control Hub with cross-launches into the Calling Admin Portal, here are some key differences.

SPs can brand their calling portals and apps and must bundle and provide PSTN services to their customers. SPs must also provide their own Tier 1 support.

VARs, on the other hand, use the branding provided by Cisco. VARs are not regulated service providers and cannot provide PSTN service. PSTN service must be leveraged through an enterprise local gateway deployment. VARs can also provide their own Tier 1 support or use Cisco's. Both calling offers provide service assurance through media quality metrics and can bundle Webex Teams and Meetings together with their calling applications.