We recommend that you change the Webex SIP subdomain after hours or during a maintenance window, because the domain doesn't change immediately.

Before you begin

For Hybrid Calling for Webex Devices deployments, when you're migrating an existing SIP address with the ciscospark.com address, use the Migrate Cisco Spark Hybrid Call Service Organization to the Cisco Webex Domain guide.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Management > Organization Settings, and scroll to SIP Address for Cisco Webex Calling.


Click Edit Subdomain and choose from the following:

  • Add a new Webex subdomain—Enter a new subdomain value, and then click Check Availability. You're presented with a webex.com address.

  • Migrate an existing SIP address with the ciscospark.com address—Click Check Availability and you're presented with both your current ciscospark.com address and the webex.com address. This option preserves backward compatibility when migrating to the new Webex branded addresses.

  • Change an existing Webex subdomain—Enter a new subdomain value and click Check Availability. You're only presented with a webex.com address. Any previous ciscospark.com address is not retained.


Click Save, read the notification, then click Yes to confirm.

  • This triggers the migration process that adds Webex SIP addresses. You can click on View update history (tasks) to see the status of the SIP address changes. If there are any issues, you can review the errors, and then click Rerun Task if necessary.


    After the migration completes, Webex-registered devices in a Workspace or Personal Mode (Room, Desk, and Board) may show the ciscospark.com address as Primary. This can take up to 24 hours to fix, but calling is not affected during this time. The new, Webex address should show as Primary after that time.

  • A Webex SIP address is automatically created for each user. If the address isn't created for your users or workspaces, contact support.


(For Hybrid Calling with Device Connector) Sign in to the Device Connector and run a Sync All.

This action updates the Spark-RDs of the devices, in Unified CM, with the new SIP domain.

What to do next

If you have migrated your existing SIP address, you can verify that the SIP address changes were completed:

Where to verify in Control Hub

Expected result


Go to Management > Users, click any user, click Calling, and then you'll see the primary and backup SIP address entries.


Go to Management > Workspaces, click any Workspace to open the overview pane, scroll to Calling, and then you'll see the new SIP address entry.