Set up spaces and add people

You can create spaces and add experts from inside or outside of your organization. When you add somebody from outside your organization they are easily recognized as external users. If you think somebody should be in your organization or you have new users to add, an administrator for your organization can add users to your Control Hub organization.

Update the name of the space or add a picture, to make it easier to find the relevant spaces.

Schedule meetings

In your spaces you can schedule a meeting, and when the meeting starts they are available in Webex Expert on Demand for frontline workers to join.

Frontline workers using Webex Expert on Demand can join meetings that are associated with Webex spaces. These meetings include the following:

  • Meetings scheduled from within a space in the Webex app.

  • Meetings scheduled from the Meetings app where the location in Outlook is set to "@webex:space".

Frontline workers can also join scheduled meetings that aren't associated with Webex spaces, such as a meeting in a Personal Meeting Room (PMR).

We recommend that you only schedule meetings associated with Webex spaces, as there are some limitations with meetings that aren't associated with Webex spaces, for example:

  • If a frontline worker attempts to share a photo in a meeting that isn't associated with a Webex space, the photo is only sent to the meeting host as a direct message in the Webex app.

  • If a frontline worker is sharing their screen in a meeting, the remote expert is unable to add annotations if the meeting isn't associated with a Webex space, unless they joined with a Webex Desk Pro, DX80 or Webex Board.

Respond to a request for help

When frontline workers need assistance, they can send a request for help by sending a direct message or a message into a group space. As a remote expert or admin, you can respond by easily starting a meeting in the space or call the frontline worker directly.

During a meeting

In a meeting, when you or someone else is sharing their screen, you can choose to mark up the shared screen with annotations.