Who you'll work with:

Your Producer: Will assist with managing all aspects of your Meeting, Event (classic), Webinar, or Training. Once your Assist is confirmed, your Producer will email you login instructions for any planning meetings that you have scheduled.

Scheduling Team: Our schedulers will assist you with your reservation requests and confirming support with our producer team. They can also help coordinate date changes and cancellations.

Language Support: English

When to engage us:

  • For a one-hour meeting or webinar, we recommend a minimum of two weeks' notice to adequately prepare.

  • For durations that are longer than three hours or for multi-day events, we recommend a minimum lead time of eight weeks for planning and preparation and to ensure Producer preference.

  • Once you have Assists added to your Webex subscription, you can request Assist support for any meeting or webinar!

Unsure if you have Assists added to your Webex subscription?

Please contact your Cisco account representative.

How to schedule support from us:

Click here to request support from the Webex Production Services Team.

  • Enter all the important details about your meeting or webinar, including date, time, time zone, and duration. There is also a place on the form to enter any special requirements or Producer requests that you might have

  • Once we receive your request, our scheduling team will review you rrequest and assign a Producer to support you

Reservation confirmation: Within 3 business days

I would like production support for my upcoming meeting. What type of Assist do I need to request?

Determine your audience size and the level of complexity for your meeting or webinar:

Audience size (expected attendance)

Event complexity

Recommended assist


Webinar or meeting with 5,000 attendees or less

Low complexity

Technical Monitoring Assist - Small or Standard Assist - Small

High complexity

Premium Assist - Small


Webinar with 5,001 to 10,000 attendees

Low complexity

Technical Monitoring Assist - Medium or Premium Assist - Medium

High complexity

Premium Plus Assist - Medium


Webinar with 10,001 or mre attendees

Low complexity

Technical Monitoring Assist - Large or Premium Plus Assist - Large

High complexity

Premium Plus Assist - Large

What is a low complexity event?

  • I'm very familiar with Webex

  • I don't need help planning and setting up the meeting or webinar. I just need extra hands-on support during the event

  • I only need support for my panelists

  • I don't need extra time with my producer before the start date

  • Smaller audience sizes

What is a high complexity event?

  • I'm new to Webex

  • This is extremely high visibility within my company and/or there will be a global audience

  • I need extra planning time with my producer leading up to the event

  • I will need assistance using the integrated collaboration apps

  • Additional monitoring required

Contact us

  • The Production Services Team is U.S. based

  • Business hours: 4AM-9PM Pacific time (M-F)

    • Service outside these hours may be available if scheduled with additional notice

  • For questions, email: webexproductionservices@cisco.com

Response times

  • New reservations: 3 business days

  • Change requests to our Scheduling Team: as soon as possible within business hours

Cancellation Policy

Time SpanFee Amount
Greater than 2 WEEKS prior to event date No Fee
Less than 2 WEEKS to 2 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the event date $100 Cancellation Fee
Less than 2 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the event date 100% Total Cost/Event

Production Services Data Sheet