Edit a Customer Virtual Assistant

A Customer Virtual Assistant provides automated responses to customer chat requests. You configure the responses that the customer receives in the chat by mapping customer requests to intents configured for the Customer Virtual Assistant and their responses in a Dialogflow agent. If the Customer Virtual Assistant cannot resolve a customer request, the assistant escalates the request to an agent.

  1. Sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub and go the Services page.

  2. Click Features on the Care card.

  3. Click the Virtual Assistants filter to show all virtual assistant cards for your organization.

  4. Click the card for the Customer Virtual Assistant that you want to edit.

  5. Confirm that you have a Dialogflow agent and are ready to continue.

    The Dialogflow agent must have an escalation intent to escalate conversations to agents. For more information about enabling escalation with your Customer Virtual Assistant, see Create a Customer Virtual Assistant.

  6. You can modify the following attributes of your Customer Virtual assistant:

    • Client Access Token: enter a new Dialogflow Client Access Token to change the Dialogflow agent that is used with this Customer Virtual Assistant. Copy this token from your Dialogflow agent's Settings page.

    • Name—You can edit the name.

    • Avatar—You can upload a new avatar.

    When you are done editing, you will see the confirmation screen.

  7. Click Finish.

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