As we have added more capabilities to Control Hub, we currently have separate locations concepts that are being used for Calling Services, Contact Center, and Workspaces. As this has created extra work for administrators, we are now consolidating the different location concepts to one common Locations page, and move it to a top-level entity in the main left navigation bar in Control Hub.

Existing locations for Calling, Call Center, and Workspaces will be moved automatically to the new page. There will be no optimization, deleting, or changes to any of your existing location definitions as part of this migration. If you want to optimize your existing locations, you can do this manually after the initial migration.

In the new data model, we require that the location name is unique. This has not been enforced previously. After the migration, you might see that a conflict in name of locations results in a location name and a numeric postfix. This should not have any functional impact, but this may have an impact on any programmatic logic that is based on locations and their names.

The old location APIs, Workspace Locations, will also be moved to a new top-level Location API. The old APIs are deprecated following the normal API deprecation process.