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Cisco Webex and 3rd Party Support Utilities

Cisco Webex and 3rd Party Support Utilities and Drivers

Where can I get Cisco Webex support utilities and drivers?

Where do I go to download support utilities for Cisco Webex services?

Cisco Webex Utilities and Drivers:

  • Mac Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller
    • This utility uninstalls all Cisco Webex applications on your Mac.
  • Meeting Services Removal Tool
    • This executable manually remove all Webex related folders and files (including AA/RA/NBR) from your (WIndows 7 and later) system.
  • Remove Webex TFS
    • This batch file removes the TFS installation for all Webex services.
  • Network Trace Logger
    • A trace utility used for case escalations related to DNS/latency/network issues.
  • WBX Tracer
      • This utility gathers logs in a live session related to "in meeting" issues. It is used for diagnosing various meeting issues like application crashing, teleconference issues, and meeting connection issues (chat, polling, multimedia, NBR).
    • WBS Trace Grabber
      • This is a utility used to gather data once a meeting is no longer in progress.
    • Mac Log Tool
      • This is a utility used to gather data once a meeting is no longer in progress.
    • WDL Installer/Uninstaller
      • This file is used to manually install/uninstall the Webex Document Loader which is required for document sharing and remote printing.
    • Webex Java Applet Removal Utility
      • Removes Webex Java Applets along with some certificates specific to Webex.
    • WRF2WMV Converter
      • This utility allows user to convert multiple WRF files generated by recording Webex meeting on a local machine to WMV file format in one batch.  After installation, additional usage details can be found in a README file in the installation directory.
    • Cisco Webex Audio Driver Package Download for Mac
      • This is a special audio driver package used to allow admins to pre-install the drivers on the end-user computers.

    3rd Party Utilities:
      • Process Monitor
        • A utility for issues where real time file/registry/process activity needs to be captured.
      • Webcam Diagnostics
        • This is a webcam diagnostic application used for troubleshooting issues with webcams not working in a Webex meeting.

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