A wrap-up reason is applied after you end your interactions with customers. Select a wrap-up reason for the following scenarios:

  • When you end an active voice call, chat, or social messaging conversation with a customer.

  • When you transfer an active voice call, chat, email, or social messaging conversation request.

  • When you send an email reply to a customer.

  • When the customer ends an active voice call or chat request.

To apply a wrap-up reason, follow these steps:

Before you begin

You must have an active interaction with a customer.


Click End, Transfer, or Send based on the scenario.

  • The wrap-up reasons dialog box appears.

  • The timer and the wrap-up reasons that appear in the wrap-up reasons dialog box are configured by your administrator.


You can select the required reason from the drop-down list or use the search field to filter the list of wrap-up reasons. You can select only one wrap-up reason at a time.


The count-up timer appears next to the wrap-up state, indicating the time elapsed since you ended the interaction.

The countdown timer appears on the wrap-up reasons dialog box, indicating the remaining time before the interaction is auto-wrapped up. If you don’t select a wrap-up reason before the timer reaches zero, the default wrap-up reason is submitted during auto wrap-up.


Click Submit Wrap Up.