Order Simplification: What Happens if the Provisioning Contact Doesn’t Receive the Provisioning Email?

Order Simplification: What happens if the provisioning contact doesn’t receive the provisioning email?

Is there a process to resend the provisioning email?


The initial Provisioning email is sent on the Requested Start date. In situations where a Partner can’t locate the initial Provisioning email, there is a process in place to resend the Provisioning Email.
You can re-send the Provisioning Email Notification to the existing or modified Provisioning Contact directly from CCW.

  1. Click Resend on the Order line, next to Provisioning Contact Email.
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  1. Click Yes to confirm you want to resend the Provisioning Email.
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  1. You will receive a success message confirming that the Provisioning Email was resent successfully:
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Note: You cannot re-send the provisioning email if the line is beyond the status of 'Awaiting Provisioning Details'. A hover-over message on the Resend icon will indicate that the email cannot be resent.

If you need to change the provisioning contact, refer to the following article:
Edit the Provisioning Contact Email Address in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)

Make sure to have your IT Admin allow these email addresses so messages don’t go to spam/junk folders:
  • Sender:
    • webex_comm@webex.com
You may open a case If there is an issue preventing self-service for the provisioning email resend:
  1. Log into Customer Service Hub Portal https://www.cisco.com/go/cs.
  2. Search Provisioning Assistance
  3. Click the Open a Case
  4. Under Type of Request select Resend Provisioning Email

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