How Do I Contact My Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

How do I contact my Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

How do I get in touch with my CSM?

Review the following points before attempting to contact your CSM:

  • Your company's Webex Site Administrator is the first point of contact for any user/host account or product usability issues.
  • The Site Admin will be in regular contact with the CSM, who maintains your company's Webex account, billing, and overall access issues.
  • If you do not know who your Site Admin is, your Site Admin is unable to assist you, or you are the site administrator and require assistance:
    • Submit a request online:
      1. Click on Open New Case.
      2. With Products and Services selected, click on Open Case.
      3. In the drop-down menu for Bypass Entitlement, select Subscription Billing Platform.
      4. Click Next.
      5. On the Describe Problem page, provide information regarding your inquiry, then click Submit.
    • Alternatively you can reach your CSM via phone, chat.

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