Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers that can be dialed at no charge to the person placing the call. Such numbers allow callers to reach businesses and individuals out of the area without being charged a long-distance fee for the call.

Outbound dialing to toll-free numbers is supported in all countries. This document describes the list of countries where toll-free numbers can be added to Webex Calling for receiving inbound calls and also for using toll-free numbers as caller IDs.

Toll-free numbers have a badge in the Control Hub.

Toll-free numbers can be assigned to Webex services like Auto-Attendant, Hunt Group, Call Queue etc. Toll-free numbers cannot be assigned as the number of a user or a workspace, however, you can use it as a main number for a Webex location and use it as a caller ID for a user or a workspace.

Non-geographic numbers, like toll-free numbers, facilitate businesses being reached easily by their customers from long distances without having to pay the full long-distance calling charges. Unlike toll-free numbers, these numbers have a cost to the caller. They are accessible around the country, and they have no city prefixes. While these numbers are of little use to individuals, they are highly lucrative for businesses with customers across the country. Non-geographic phone numbers do not have a badge indication in the Control Hub.

Some countries have restrictions when making outbound calls from non-geographic numbers. The restrictions for non-geographic numbers in such countries are the same as the toll-free numbers. Countries that have such restrictions around non-geographic numbers are indicated using §.

Some countries have variable length number patterns, For Example: 050-xxxxxx to 050-xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Toll-free and non- geographic numbers are not supported with Cisco PSTN.

  • If you are using a Premises-based PSTN or Cloud Connected PSTN, please check with your PSTN provider if they are offering toll-free and non-geographic numbers.

North America (all North American Numbering Plan countries)

Toll-free numbers:

  • 800-xxx-xxxx

  • 822-xxx-xxxx

  • 833-xxx-xxxx

  • 844-xxx-xxxx

  • 855-xxx-xxxx

  • 866-xxx-xxxx

  • 877-xxx-xxxx

  • 88x-xxx-xxxx

United Kingdom §

Toll-free numbers:

  • 0800-xxx-xxxx

  • 0808-xxx-xxxx

Non-geographic numbers:

  • 030x-xxx-xxxx

  • 033x-xxx-xxxx

  • 034x-xxx-xxxx

  • 037x-xxx-xxxx

  • 084[2-5]-xxx-xxxx

  • 087[0-3]-xxx-xxxx


Non-geographic numbers:

  • 050-xxxxxx to 050-xxxxxxxxxxx

  • 0517-xxxxx to 0517-xxxxxxxxxx

  • 057-xxxxxx to 057-xxxxxxxxxxx

  • 059-xxxxxx to 059-xxxxxxxxxxx


Toll-free numbers:

  • 0120-xxx-xxx

  • 0800-xxx-xxxx

Non-geographic numbers:

  • 050-xxxx-xxxx

The customer administrator is responsible for understanding how toll-free and non-geographical numbers may be used in a country and assigning them appropriately as per local regulations.