Details About Your Call Plan

Here's some important details that you'll need to understand as you set up your Call plan.

Call Plan Owner

The person who purchased Call plan from becomes the admin for the account.

Your account gets validated right after you complete the purchase.

  • A window pops up with instructions to enter a 6-digit code.

  • You'll get an email with the 6-digit code that you need to enter here.

After that, your email address gets validated, and you're the account manager. Your email will automatically show up as a user during setup.

Call Plan Phone Numbers

As you go through the set up, you'll need to choose the main number, other phone numbers, and extensions.

The main number is the number people dial when they call your organization. It's the first thing that you must set up. Then, you can invite other people and assign them a phone number too. They'll be able to get calls at their number or through your main number and their extension.

Toll-Free numbers aren't supported for Call Plans.

If you purchased more than one Call Plan, then you get a free main number to use.

Phone Menus

Phone menus give people options to choose from when they call your main number, such as, "Press 1 for sales" or "Enter the person's extension that you're trying to reach." Phone menus are sometimes called auto attendants.

Number Transfer

When you were purchasing your Call plan from, you had the option to transfer phone numbers. This lets you transfer your existing phone numbers from your current calling service to your Call plan. Transferring numbers from one provider to another in this way is sometimes called number porting.

As you go through the set up you must complete the Transfer Numbers to Your Call Plan steps before we can start transferring your numbers. When you transfer your phone numbers, expect the process to take about 7–10 business days. So, you should start as soon as possible.

Webex Download

To get your Call plan set up, you'll use the But, that's just to access your account management. You and everyone else who gets added to your account will use the desktop or mobile Webex apps.

After you finish setting up your Call plan, everyone gets an email with a link to download Webex. They’ll use the Webex desktop or mobile app to make and answer calls, send messages, and meet with other people in your organization.

Get Started with Webex is a good starting place to learn more about how to use the Webex app.

Assign Your Main Number and Invite Users

If you purchased more than one Call Plan license, then you must assign a Call Plan license and telephone number to yourself in Account Management.


Open the email with the subject Your Cisco Webex activation code and copy the 6-digit code. Paste that code into the window that opened after you completed your purchase from After you do this, you're immediately signed in to


From the Dashboard in click Complete setup to open account management.


You can also get to account management by selecting your profile picture, then clicking Account Management.


Turn on Edit Licenses.


Click Select your main number, and choose your main number.


You can’t use a transferred number as your main number. This feature is coming soon.

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Select Add more users.


Your email address was added as a user when your account was activated. You still need to assign yourself a phone number, and an extension.


Add the Email Address, Phone Number, and Extension for everyone you want to add.


If you're transferring phone numbers, then select Transfer instead of a phone number for the users whose numbers you’re going to transfer.


Select Invite.

Set Up Your Main Number

After you invite people to join your Call plan, you'll see a pop-up window prompting you to set up your main numbers. You can set up your main number so it goes to a specific person when it's called, or so that the caller hears a phone menu.


Click Set up main number on the pop-up that shows after you invite users.


You can also select Users form the Subscription page in account management and click Finish setting up your main number.


Choose what happens when people call the main number:

  • A person picks up the phoneSelect an option and choose the person you want to answer your main number. Then select Save.
  • The caller hears a menu with a few options ‐ fill out the phone menu, record a message for your phone menu and select Save.

Before you begin

You'll need this information to get started:

  • A list of all the phone numbers that you want to transfer.

  • A bill from the last 30 days that shows your provider and the numbers that you want to transfer.

  • The person whose name shows on your bill. That person must e-sign the Letter of Agency (LOA).


Select Transfer my numbers after you finish setting up your main number.


Click Next.


Enter the phone numbers that you want to transfer separated by commas, and select Next.


Verify your account information, enter you account number, and select Next.


Upload your bill from the last 30 days and select Next.


E-sign the LOA.


The person that e-signs the LOA must be the same person whose name is on the bill you uploaded.


Click Download Webex.