When you join a meeting from your device and there are interpreters present, you can choose to follow the meeting in your preferred language. The interpreter is automatically at a balance of 80% balance, so you hear the presenter in the background. You can adjust the balance as you see fit.

The meeting host sets up simultaneous interpretation for the meeting. The host must join the meeting from the Webex Meetings app.

If the interpreter for the language you’ve selected has their video on, you can see them on your device screen.



  • Simultaneous interpretation is only supported in meetings with up to 200 devices and participants that join from Webex App. This limit doesn't apply to participants that join from Webex Meetings.


When you’re in a meeting with an interpreter present, tap the Interpretation button.

You can also do this when you’re in the lobby waiting for the meeting to start.


Tap Original language (floor) and select your language in the list of the available languages.


Use the sensitivity slider to balance the audio between the original language and the interpreter.

If you change to back to the original language or to another interpreted language, the balance you've set remains the same.