When you activate this service, you will receive an email containing your voice portal number. Call this phone number to record your auto attendant greetings. This is also the phone number users at this location call to access their voicemail messages and settings.

The voice portal extension is typically the last four digits of the voice portal telephone number.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Services > Calling > Locations and then select the location you want to update.


In the Call Settings list, click Voice Portal.


Select the audio announcement language for the location in the Language drop-down menu.


Under Incoming Call, choose a Phone Number and/or set an Extension number from those numbers configured for the location from the drop-down menu.


The voicemail number and extension you've assigned for the location appears by default in the drop-down menu.


Under Voice Portal Admin Passcode, set the passcode for your location, and then re-enter the passcode to confirm.


Click Save to confirm your changes.