Configure monitoring

The maximum number of monitored lines for a user is 50. However, while configuring the monitoring list, consider the number of messages that impact the bandwidth between Webex Calling and your network. Also, determine the maximum monitored lines by the number of line buttons on the user's phone.


From the customer view in, go to Management and then click Users.


Select the user you want to modify and click Calling.


Go to Between-user Permissions section, and select Monitoring.


Choose from the following:

  • Add Monitored Line
  • Add Call Park Extension

You can include a virtual line in the Add Monitored Line list for user monitoring.


Choose if you wish to notify this user about parked calls, search for the person or call park extension to be monitored, and then click Save.


The monitored lines list in Control Hub corresponds with the order of monitored lines that show on the user’s device. You can reorder the list of monitored lines at any time.


The name that appears for the monitored line is the name entered in the Caller ID First Name and Last Name fields for the user, workspace, and virtual line.

Want to see how it's done? Watch this video demonstration on how to manage monitoring settings for a user in Control Hub.

Directed call pickup in a monitored group

After other lines are added to a user’s monitoring list, the following action occurs in the Webex App and desk phone when a monitored user receives an incoming call:

  • In Webex App version 43.11 and later: The users who are part of the monitoring group receive a call notification on the Webex App. Users can pick up the call from the notification. Users can also monitor and pick up the call from the multi call window. For more information, see Pick up someone else's phone call.

  • In Desk Phone: The BLF button on the desk phone of users who are part of the monitoring group turns red. Users can pick up the call using the softkey.