How Do I Gather a Log for a Meeting in Progress Issue?

The Webex Tracer tool captures logs in a live session to diagnose various In-Meeting issues(like application crashing, teleconference issues, and meeting connection issues) that are difficult to replicate consistently.

How do I gather a log for a meeting in progress issue?

How do I use the Webex Tracer tool?

Which information does the WBX Tracer tool gather?



To use the tool:


  1. Download the Webex Tracer.
  2. Double-click the wbxtracer.exe file to launch the utility.

    The Webex Tracer window appears.
  3. Minimize the Webex Tracer window, then duplicate the issue you are experiencing.
  4. Click the folder icon , then select Save.
  5. Close the Webex Tracer tool.
  6. Compress the log file using ZIP (to reduce file size) and email it to your Webex support representative.

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