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How does a FedRAMP Customer Transfer a File Using Cisco DocExchange?

How does a FedRAMP customer transfer a file using Cisco DocExchange?

Steps for FedRAMP user to transfer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) using Cisco DocExchange.

As a result of the Data Handling restrictions imposed by our FedRAMP Meetings Authorization To Operate (ATO), the teams that work with FedRAMP customers must utilize Cisco’s DocExchange to transfer files that contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII).


  • File exchange by Teams, Box, Cisco Case, or other methods is not approved for FedRAMP usage.
  • The end user receives a link via email in order to retrieve the file.

To transfer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) files:
  1. Go to the DocExchange folder at https://ciscoshare.cisco.com/
  1. Click on +Create Folder, then enter a name and click on Create.
  2. Upload the PII files in the folder.

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