How does a FedRAMP Customer Transfer a File Using Cisco DocExchange?

How does a FedRAMP customer transfer a file using Cisco DocExchange?

Steps for FedRAMP user to transfer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) using Cisco DocExchange.

Due to the Data Handling restrictions imposed by FedRAMP's Authorization To Operate (ATO) sponsor, the Cisco TAC teams that work with FedRAMP customers must utilize Cisco’s DocExchange to transfer files, especially files containing Personal Identifiable Information. File transfer via Email, Webex Teams, Cisco Case Tracking, Box, or other methods is not approved for FedRAMP files.

To transfer files via DocExchange:

  • DocExchange requires a free Cisco CCO account. To register online, please go to The Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browsers are recommended browsers.
  • Once the email address is verified, you will be added to the folder related to your issue, and a link beginning with will be provided to the customer by Cisco Systems via email. Only people who have been added to the DocExchange folder can utilize the link.
  • The icons available from the customer view is the following:   User-added image The middle icon is used to upload files.
  • End customers do NOT have the ability to create folders.
  • The file size limit is 500MB.

A quick start guide for DocExchange can be found at:

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