Error "Callback to this number is disabled"

Participants receive an error message stating, "Callback to this number is disabled" when attempting to use the Call Me feature during a Cisco Webex meeting.


Steps to Reschedule a Meeting

  1. Cancel the scheduled meeting without a password.
  2. For Desktop App | Cancel a Meeting via Desktop App
  3. For Webex website | Cancel a Scheduled Meeting from the Webex Website
Reschedule the meeting with a password. Alternative Audio Options
While resolving the issue, participants can still join the audio portion of the meeting by using the "Use computer audio" or "Call in" options, or by joining from a supported device.

Additional Resources for Secure Meetings
For Control Hub | Cisco Webex Best Practices for Secure Meetings - Control Hub 

This error occurs for scheduled meetings that do not have a meeting password set. As of August 16, 2021, Cisco Webex implemented a security measure that requires password protection for meetings to utilize the Call Me feature. This is to enhance data security and privacy for all Webex users.

Cisco Webex is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy for all users. Enforcing password-protected meetings is a step towards ensuring all meetings are secure and private.

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