There is no audio with Bluetooth turned on


The Bluetooth® LED shows solid white but you cannot hear any audio.


  • Make sure the audio on your intended call device is turned up.

  • Make sure that the MobileMobile Phone icon source is selected on the base. The source LED shows solid white when it is selected.

  • Try re-pairing the multibase to your call device. Press and hold the Bluetooth button at the back of the base for four seconds. Press the Bluetooth button twice to put the base into pairing mode and select Cisco Headset from your call device settings menu.

Bluetooth doesn't turn on


Bluetooth® doen't turn on when you press the Bluetooth button on the back of your multibase.


Contact your headset administrator to see if Bluetooth functionality has been disabled remotely.

Bluetooth LED pulses white


The Bluetooth® LED pulses white.


  • Check that Bluetooth is activated on your desired call device.

  • If you have already paired your device, make sure that you select Cisco Headset XXX from the Bluetooth menu and attempt to reconnect.


    The multibase appears on your desired call device as Cisco Headset followed by the last three digits of the base serial number. Your base serial number can be found on the underside of your base.

  • Put the base in pairing mode and pair the call device to the base. To put your base in pairing mode, press the Bluetooth button on the back of the base twice.