Webex Edge for Devices supports cloud-managed software upgrades for Webex Rooms devices running CE9.14 and later. The devices with cloud-managed software upgrades enabled receive new Stable builds roughly once a month, and new Beta builds roughly every other week. The available channels are the same as those for cloud registered devices, and the releases are updated at the same time.

With cloud software upgrade, you get the latest updates and bug fixes faster without having to upgrade the device manually. Cloud software upgrade is required to enable Webex optimized experience.

This feature is off by default. Once you have enabled cloud-managed software upgrade, you can choose a software channel from the Workspace’s channel selection menu. By default, devices use Stable channel.

TAC only supports the latest Stable version of RoomOS software.


From the customer view on https://admin.webex.com, go to Devices and select the device or devices you wish to configure.


Set the configuration Webex CloudUpgrades Mode to On.

To set the software channel, go to Workspaces, select the workspace and click on the cogwheel in the Devices section. Select a software channel from the drop-down menu. If no channel is selected, it defaults to Stable.

You have to reboot devices running CE9.14 after enabling cloud-managed software upgrades to apply the change. For devices running CE9.15 and later, the changes are applied when the device goes into standby or reboots.