Create a Customer Virtual Assistant

Use a Customer Virtual Assistant to provide automated responses to customer chat requests.

Integrate with Dialogflow to map customer requests to intents in a Dialogflow agent to create automated responses.

You can also configure your Customer Virtual Assistant to escalate requests that it cannot resolve to an agent.

Before You Begin

  • Build a Dialogflow agent that provides automated responses, before you create a Customer Virtual Assistant.

  • In Dialogflow, use Intents to map user actions to automated bot responses.

  • Upload an Escalation Intent to allow your Customer Virtual Assistant to escalate a chat conversation to an agent.

For more information, see Customer Virtual Assistant Escalation Intent.

Create a New Customer Virtual Assistant

  1. Sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub.

  2. Select Services, and click Features on the Care card.

  3. Click New to create a new Care Feature.

  4. Select Virtual Assistant, then Customer Virtual Assistant.

  5. Click Yes, I have a preconfigured Dialogflow agent and am ready to proceed to confirm that you have set up an agent and are ready to continue.

  6. Click Download Escalation Intent to download the escalation.json file and follow the steps in Customer Virtual Assistant Escalation Intent.


    Complete all the steps in Customer Virtual Assistant Escalation Intent and obtain a Client Access Token from your Dialogflow agent before proceeding.

  7. Enter the Client Access Token for your Dialogflow agent, and click Validate. A green check mark confirms the validation.

  8. Enter a name for your Customer Virtual Assistant. The name must be unique and cannot exceed 50 characters.

  9. Upload an avatar for your Customer Virtual Assistant. The avatar must be in PNG format, 1 MB or less, and exactly 512 x 512 pixels in dimension. If you do not upload an avatar, your Customer Virtual Assistant uses a default image. You can also drag and drop an avatar image.

    Preview your avatar and click the next arrow to continue.

  10. Click Finish to create the Customer Virtual Assistant. The Care Features page opens and displays the card for the new assistant. The card displays the assistant's name and an icon to designate that the feature is a Customer Virtual Assistant. The card also identifies that the new assistant is currently used in zero Customer Support Templates.

To use your Customer Virtual Assistant, add it to a Customer Support Template. As you add the assistant to one or more templates, the Customer Virtual Assistant card displays how many templates now use the assistant. Click the question mark icon on the card to also see the names of those templates.

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