Care Assistant FAQs

General FAQs

What is Care Assistant?
Care Assistant is a bot (web robot). Care Assistant acts as a virtual assistant to connect a Cisco Webex Teams user with expert resources, based on that user's request.

Where is Care Assistant available?
Care Assistant is available wherever Cisco Webex Teams is available. However, the Care Assistant command set is English only.

How is Care Assistant licensed?
Care Assistant is included in any Cisco Webex Teams Messaging offer.

Is Care Assistant available to users of the free Cisco Webex Teams service?
Yes, Care Assistant is a free feature available to all Cisco Webex Teams users.

Who should use Care Assistant?
Care Assistant is designed for Cisco Webex Teams users who want to facilitate care using Cisco Webex Teams.

Is Cisco Webex Teams required on both sides to use Care Assistant?
Yes, both the user asking the question and the expert answering must have Cisco Webex Teams.

How do I enable Care Assistant for my organization?
Care Assistant is enabled in Cisco Webex Teams by default. To start using Care Assistant, use the Care Assistant Onboarding and Administration site to create a Care Assistant bot. Then, add your bot to Cisco Webex Teams spaces. Members of these group spaces act as experts to answer questions from your Care Assistant. Finally, tell everyone to message your Care Assistant directly to start asking questions.

How do I add Care Assistant to a Cisco Webex Teams space?
Use the Care Assistant bot's username to add it to a Cisco Webex Teams space.

Can I retain conversations involving Care Assistant?
Yes, you can use Cisco Webex Teams's persistent messaging capability to retain conversations involving Care Assistant, just like any other Cisco Webex Teams space. However, users cannot access Care Assistant conversations that occurred in spaces that they are not part of.

Can a Cisco Webex Teams conversation between a user and an expert brought together by Care Assistant escalate to a voice or video call?
Yes, you can use Cisco Webex Teams's call capabilities to escalate a conversation to a voice or video call.

What is an expert space?
An expert space is a space that contains the people who answer questions and requests posed by the Care Assistant. Care Assistant learns about a new expert space when you add it to that space. Any space with two or more experts plus a Care Assistant is considered an expert space.

How does Care Assistant choose which space is the right space to ask a question?
Care Assistant breaks down a question into individual words and scores those words against the Cisco Webex Teams space names that it knows about. For example, there is a space titled Cisco Webex Teams Call. A user asks the question "What do you know about Cisco Webex Teams?" Care Assistant matches the question to the Cisco Webex Teams Call room.

Can I disable people from creating bots?
No. Bots are a feature available to all Cisco Webex Teams users.

Can an administrator disable the option to use Care Assistant at an organizational level?
No, bots are not restricted.

Can users outside of my organization use a bot that I created?
Yes, as long as they have Cisco Webex Teams.

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