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Bluetooth Pairing Failed on a DX70 or DX80 in the Cisco Webex Room OS

Bluetooth pairing failed on a DX70 or DX80 in the Cisco Webex Room OS.

My Bluetooth headset failed pairing on a DX70 or DX80 in Cisco Webex Room OS.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth headset pairing failures in Cisco Webex Room OS on DX70 or DX80.

When trying to pair a Bluetooth headset with a DX70 or DX80 in Cisco Webex Room OS, pairing failures appears in red as shown below:

User-added image

The pairing may have actually failed, timed out (lost connection during pairing) or faced some other issues

To troubleshoot the issue, check the following:

  • Is Bluetooth enabled on the DX? System Settings > Bluetooth
  • Is the headset showing up in the list of devices? System Settings > Bluetooth
  • Does the headset support Hands-Free Profile (HFP)? - Check the headset manual
  • Is the headset in "Pairing mode"? – Check the headset manual on how to set it in pairing mode
  • Check that the headset is within range
  • Check that the headset is powered on and has battery charge
If pairing still fails after trying the above steps, contact support for further troubleshooting. For help, see: WBX88620 - Where Do I Find Support for Webex?

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