WBX Tracer

Utility gathers logs related to in meeting and Webex Desktop App issues.

WBX Tracer.

What is the WBX Tracer?

How do I gather logs for in meeting issues?

This utility gathers logs related to "in meeting" issues in a live session, and it also gathers logs for Webex Desktop App (PT). It is used to diagnose various issues like application crashing, teleconference issues, meeting connection issues (chat, polling, multimedia, NBR), and PT issues.
Supported OS/Version
Windows 10
Supported Cisco Webex Product Version
All Cisco Webex meeting service versions


 Instructions (How to capture logs)
  1. Unzip the wbxtracer.zip file, then double-click on wbxtracer.exe and minimize the window.
  2. Start/join your meeting and reproduce the issue.
  3. Once the issue has occurred, switch back to the minimized wbxtracer window.
  4. Click on the folder icon at the top right and choose Save or press CTRL+S.
  5. Save the file and send us a copy of the file.

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