Error: 'Can't record the meeting' when Attempting to Record a Webex Call or Meeting

Error: 'Can't record the meeting' when attempting to record a Webex call or meeting.

Error: 'Can't record the meeting' when a Webex room member tries to record a meeting.

The meeting sponsor receives an error when trying to record a Webex call.

The following error may appear when the Meeting Sponsor tries to record a Webex meeting or call:

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The following error may appear when a member of a Webex room tries to record a meeting or call:

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Cause: The Webex file storage of the Meeting Sponsor's Webex host account is full.

Solution: Try clearing the Webex file storage to resolve this issue. For help with deleting existing recording files to clear the file storage, see: Delete or Recover Your Own Cisco Webex Recordings
  • Note: A deleted recording file cannot be recovered. Ensure all the important recording files are downloaded to the local machine before deleting them. For help with downloading recordings, see: Download Your Webex Recording

The following error appears when there is a problem with connecting to the server:

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In case of this error, contact technical support for assistance. For help, see:

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