Legacy BroadSoft Support Transition

How do legacy BroadSoft users obtain support contact numbers?

How do legacy BroadSoft users obtain their Smart Account info?

How does BroadSoft support customers transition to Cisco TAC?

I opened tickets through BroadSoft Xchange but I don't know how to open a case with TAC/SCM?

These quick videos are intended to provide details on the transition of BroadSoft Xchange ticketing to Cisco TAC support.  The intended audience is BroadSoft customers/partners.

BroadSoft Xchange ticketing users will be migrated from October 2020 through mid-December 2020, and they receive information explaining how to get support from Cisco TAC via email.

Users will need to have a CCO ID to be linked automatically. To create a new CCO account, see: https://identity.cisco.com/ui/tenants/global/v1.0/enrollment-ui

Note: The password for all the recordings is Bsftsupporttransition1.

Videos And Resources

Introduction to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center

Cisco.com profile and service contract number Download Ticket history from the BroadSoft Xchange Opening a case with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center BroadWorks Online Patch Advisor tool Opening a test case and optional tools

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