Site survivability requires a survivability gateway that your administrator must configure. For more information, see Site Survivability for Webex Calling

See what happens when an outage occurs

When the Webex App switches to the Webex Calling site survivability, you'll see a banner in the app.

Supported calling features

We've made it easier for you to see the calling features that aren't supported in the app, when you hover over action items or buttons, you'll see a message that the service is unavailable. The following is a list of the basic calling features that are supported:

  • Make calls internally to extensions in your company

  • Incoming and outgoing calls to phone numbers (PSTN)

  • Outgoing emergency calls

  • Call hold and resume

  • Call transfer

  • Inbound caller identifiers, name and number

  • Shared call appearance

    For more information on features, see Site Survivability for Webex Calling

What behavior to expect when using Webex Calling site survivability

Webex Calling site survivability doesn't support messaging, meetings or other calling services.

Some known issues that you should be aware of:

  • If your site switches to Webex Calling site survivability while you're on a call using Webex Calling, the call is terminated.

  • If you sign out, you won't be able to sign in again until the network connection is restored.

  • If your site switches to Webex Calling site survivability, and you exit (Windows) or quit (Mac) Webex App and then re-launch, you will still be signed in, but the Webex App won't register to the Webex Calling site survivability server for services.

See what happens when the outage is over

When the connection is restored, the services are restored in Webex App and the banner is removed. If you were on a call, your call continues unchanged.