Care Desktop: View Activities and Requests in the Customer Journey

The customer journey displays previous customer interactions with your organization. Use the customer journey to provide context to customer requests.
  1. Select a task from the In Progress list.

    The customer journey displays all previous customer requests and activities.


    If your queue type is pick routing, then you can also select a task from the Queue. You can only change customer, request, and activity information when the task is In Progress.

  2. Select an activity in the customer journey.

    Care desktop displays information on the selected activity as well as the request associated with the selected activity. If an activity is not associated with a request, you may need to move the activity to a request. For more information, see Move an Activity.

When you select an activity, you are shown activity information including:

  • Additional activity details

  • Activity tags

  • Comments associated with the activity

  • Time of customer activity

When you select an activity, you are shown request information including:

  • Request title

  • Request details

  • Request status


You can also hover over a request or an activity in the Customer Journey to view the available information.

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