Group call management is an advanced call queue capability that makes it easy and affordable to support high call volume and team call handling services, as a core part of Webex Calling. It adds key features that provide supervisor capabilities, enhances queue policies to determine call routing based on business hours, provides skill-based routing, provides call back capabilities for customers and reports and analytics for administrators. Group call management is an out-of-box feature set within Webex Calling.

Group Call Management refers to a collection of features designed to work together in support of managing high call volume sales and support teams, for calls directed to a call queue. The features include:

  • Call Queuing

  • Skills-based routing

  • Request customer callback (for callers in queue)

  • Enhanced queue policies for night service, holiday service, force forwarding, stranded calls

  • Additional IVR functions whisper and comfort bypass

  • Agent login / logout of call queues

  • Agent status management

  • Assign call queue staff to call queues

  • Assign supervisors to agents

  • Monitor/ coach/ barge/call takeover (Supervisor functions)

  • Call queue reporting and analytics dashboards

Group Call Management is recommended for call queues up to 50 agents. We recommend Webex Contact Center for customers that require sophisticated customer engagement capabilities, omni-channel routing, or large scale, high call volume deployments.


Key features bring value to all parties in the group calling service chain.

  • For Callers

    • Welcome greeting

    • Comfort greeting (we’ll be with you shortly)

    • Request callback (caller can designate a callback number, rather than wait in queue)

    • Enhanced queue routing policies (for night service, holidays, and forced forwarding)

  • For Staff

    • One-step login / logout of queue

    • Personal readiness status management

    • Multi-queue operations

    • Intuitive UX options for desk phone and Webex App

  • For Supervisors and Administrators

    • Monitor / coach / barge / takeover active calls

    • Call queue reporting and analytics dashboard

    • Assign call queue staff per queue

    • Assign skills-based routing ratings of staff, per queue

For details on using each of these features, see:

  1. Create and manage call queue

  2. Manage Calls in Call Queue

  3. Manage Call Queue Policies

  4. Manage Call Queue Announcements

  5. Manage Call Queue Agents

  6. Manage Call Queue Supervisors

  7. Call Queue Analytics

  8. Call Queue Reports