Customer Context Gadget: Respond to a Request

Respond to a request to resolve a customer issue. To respond to a customer request in the Finesse Customer Context gadget:

  1. In the Finesse Agent Desktop:

    • Accept a customer chat.

    • Answer a customer call.

    • Open a customer email.

    The customer moves to the open list in the Customer Context gadget. The customer journey displays the current customer interaction and other events between the customer and your organization.

  2. Click the request title field and enter an appropriate title for the request. If you modify a customer, request, or activity that another agent already changed, the Customer Context gadget displays a caution notification. Click Load to load their changes.

  3. Click the request description field and enter a description of the customer problem. Fields in the Customer Context gadget have a 2,000 characters limit.


    You can also click the request icon to view details including:

    • Request Status

    • Request Creation Date

    • Request Closed Date (If applicable)

  4. Click the tags field in the activity and enter additional information on the customer interaction. Tags help categorize the activity. Press tab or enter to create the tag. Tags have a 50 character limit and must be unique.

  5. Click the customer name to open the customer information form. Provide details in the customer information form to help build a profile that enhances the customer experience.

    • If the customer is new, click Create in the customer information form to create a new customer.

    • If the customer already exists, click Edit in the customer information form to begin updating customer information. Click Save to save your changes.

    For more information on using the customer information form, see Create a New Customer Record and Update Customer Information.

  6. Click Close to end the customer interaction. If you have unsaved customer changes, you are prompted to Save or Discard your changes. If you did not create a customer, you are prompted to Create a new customer or Discard your changes and exit without creating a customer.


    You can use the customer management pane to reopen closed customers. Select a customer from the recent list or the search results to reopen them. After you reopen a customer, you can continue updating customer and request information. You can also update the newest created customer activity.

    The Open, Recent, and Search Icons in the Customer Management Pane..

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