For organizations that have chosen to use the Webex Call integration with Microsoft Teams, the integration is the users' primary interface to Webex services. Once configured, the Webex App will still be installed and running on your users’ computers, but its window will be closed by default. Actions taken in the Webex Call integration may launch specific features in the Webex App, but, in general, the users don't need to interact with the Webex App.

You can configure to hide the Webex App window for your organization in Control Hub. Settings that are configured on the organization level will automatically be set for users when they are created.


From the customer view in, go to Services in the left navigation bar and click Calling > Client Settings.


Go to Microsoft Teams integration section, toggle on Hide Webex windows.

Once you've configured, the users need to restart their Webex App, and sign in to view the change.

If users want to interact with the Webex App itself, they can access it from the system tray on Windows and the menu bar on Mac. The Webex App is visible only in the Windows taskbar or macOS dock when a window is active and in-use.

Webex App in Windows system tray

Webex App in Mac menu bar