Before your meeting

Before you can join a meeting from your mobile device, install the Webex app and sign in to your account. You can see any upcoming meetings that you're invited to, join meetings, and schedule them if you have a host account.

To host and attend Webex meetings from your Portal, download and install the Meetings app. You can install the Meetings app on the Portal, Portal Plus, Portal Mini, and Portal Go. Meetings is not currently available on the Portal TV.


From the Portal home screen, tap Apps.


Next to Webex Meetings, tap Get.

Once the app installs, it appears on the Portal home screen.

You can sign in to your Webex account by entering your account email and password directly, entering a six-digit PIN in a browser, or by scanning a QR code.

Open the Meetings app and do one of the following:

  • Scan the QR code that appears with the camera on your mobile device.
  • Go to the web address shown on the sign-in window in a web browser and enter the six-digit code.
  • Tap Sign in and enter your Webex account email address and password.

If you have a Webex account, you can sign in to the Meetings app and view your upcoming meetings. Don't have an account? You can sign up for one for free.


Open the Meetings app and then sign in with your account.


Swipe right to view your upcoming meetings in My Meetings.


Meeting invitations that you haven't accepted are shown as Tentative.


Open the Meetings app and swipe right to My Meetings.


Tap Schedule, and then enter your meeting info:

  • Meeting topic

  • Meeting password

  • Invitees—enter the email addresses of the participants you want to invite.

  • Meeting date, start time, and duration


Review your meeting details and then tap Schedule to schedule your meeting.


If your meeting is within the next 15 minutes, tap Start to start your meeting now.


Open and sign in to the Meetings app.


Swipe right to My Meetings and tap Start on the meeting entry.

On the Meetings app home screen, tap START MEETING.

Join your meeting in one of the following ways:

  • After opening and signing in to the Meetings app, swipe left to My Meetings and tap JOIN on the meeting entry.

  • Tap JOIN, enter the meeting number, Personal Room URL, or host's username, and then tap JOIN.

During your meeting

While you're in a meeting, you change your audio and video connection, change your background, chat with other participants, and more. Hosts can manage participants, change their roles, among other options to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

After connecting your device's audio to the meeting, tap Mute to mute yourself. Tap Unmute to unmute yourself.

While you’re muted, an Unmute icon remains on the screen letting you know that no one in the meeting can hear you. This icon appears even when the meeting controls don’t. If you try to speak while muted, a message appears to remind you to unmute yourself first.


If you use internet for audio and have notifications for Meetings turned on, you can mute or unmute yourself from your device lock screen.

If you're the meeting host or cohost, you have options to help you moderate your meeting. You can mute individuals or everyone at once, prevent participants from unmuting themselves, and mute participants automatically when they join. Muting participants is useful when you hear background noise or when participants speak out of turn.


To mute a specific participant, tap Participants, and then tap Mute next to the name of the person that you want to mute. Tap Unmute when you want to unmute someone. Tapping Unmute sends a request to the participant that asks them to unmute themselves.


To mute all participants, tap Participants > Mute Control > Mute all.


When asked if you want to allow attendees to unmute themselves, tap Allow and Mute All or Don't Allow and Mute All.


To unmute all participants, tap Participants > Mute Control > Unmute all.

Tapping Unmute all sends messages to participants letting them know that they can unmute themselves.

Tap More > Change audio connection.


Choose one of the following options:

  • Use Internet for audio—use your 3G or 4G data plan unless you're on a Wi-Fi connection. When you join an audio conference that's using Webex Audio or VoIP only, you use wide-band audio.


    If a participant who doesn't have wide-band audio joins a meeting that's using wide-band audio, audio for everyone is downgraded. Webex Meetings gives no warning message before the downgrade.

  • Call me—enter your phone number to have the meeting call you.


    If you enabled Auto call me in your app's settings, you receive calls automatically.

  • Call in—enter the call-in number that appears. Tap Global call-in numbers to view a list of call-in numbers from other regions.
  • Disconnect audio—leave the audio conference.

To turn your video off, tap Video Stop video > Stop my video.


To turn your video on, tap Video Start video > Start video.

During a meeting, you can blur your background or set a virtual background so that meeting participants can stay focused on you. When you change your background, you remain in focus while your surroundings are altered.


During the meeting, tap VideoStop video and then tap Virtual Background. Choose one of the following:

  • To blur your surroundings while remaining in focus, tap Blur.
  • To use a default virtual background, tap the one you want.

Tap Apply.

Set your Portal's camera to the mode you want or manually adjust it so everyone in the meeting can see you clearly.


During your meeting, tap Video > Camera control.


Select one of the available options:

  • Automatically detect—automatically focuses the camera.
  • Desk mode—sets the camera to focus on a single person.
  • Meeting mode—focuses the camera to include multiple people in the same room.
  • Manual mode—moves the camera manually to focus where you want it.

To search for participants, tap Participants, and in the search bar, enter the name of the participant who you want to find.


To change someone's role in a meeting, tap Participants, and then tap the participant who you want to change the role for.


Tap Make Presenter, Make Host, or Make Cohost.


If you enable Anyone Can Share when scheduling the meeting, participants can share content at any time. As a host of a scheduled Webex meeting, you can turn off Anyone Can Share to enable only the presenter to share content during meetings.


Tap ParticipantsParticipants and then tap Invite.


Tap Invite by email, and then enter the email addresses for attendees who you want to invite, or tap Select Invitees to add attendees from your contacts on your device.


When finished, tap Done.


To start a recording, tap More optionsMore options, and then tap Record.


(Optional) While you record, tap More options > Pause to pause the recording, and then More options > Resume to continue recording.


When you finish recording, tap More options > Stop recording > STOP RECORDING to end the recording. After the meeting ends, you receive an email with information about accessing the recording.


You can edit recording names by going to the Recordings page, tapping More, and then tapping Edit Name.

Participants can't enter your Personal Room when you're not there. Once you enter your Personal Room, you control who can enter.


To lock your Personal Room, tap More options > Lock room.


To unlock your Personal Room, tap More options > Unlock room.


When you lock your Personal Room and a participant enters the lobby, a red indicator appears above ParticipantsParticipants.

If you lock your Personal Room, you and your cohosts receive a notification when participants try to join the meeting. If there's only one person waiting in the lobby, you can let them in or remove them from the notification. As more people wait in the lobby, the notification updates to tell you how many participants there are and you must manage the lobby from the Participants panel.

To see the attendees waiting in your Personal Room lobby, tap ParticipantsParticipants, and then tap the notification.


Review the list of participants waiting to join and choose who to admit or remove based on the information next to their name:

  • Internal—authenticated participant within the same Webex organization as the meeting host.

  • External—authenticated participant outside the meeting host's Webex organization.

  • Unverified—an unauthenticated participant.


The domain name displays for Internal and External participants.


Select the participants that you want to let in, and then tap Let in to allow them to join or Remove to prevent them from joining the meeting.

You can temporarily excuse someone from a meeting by selecting them from the Participants panel and tapping Move to Lobby.

Tap End or leave meeting and choose one of the following options:

  • Tap Leave meeting to leave the meeting.
  • If you're the host, tap Leave meeting or End meeting for all.


If you're the host of a meeting and want to leave the meeting but let it continue, assign another participant host privileges first.

If you're the cohost of a meeting, you can leave or end the meeting. Meetings asks you to confirm if you want to end the meeting for everyone.

Change your Meetings app settings

Adjust various settings in the Meetings app according to your needs. You can change notification settings, audio and video settings for meetings, and calendar integrations for your Portal.

Meetings app settings

Open the app and tap Settings to view the main settings menu.

  • My Account–See your account information, and you can also SIGN OUT from this setting.

  • General–Change settings for clearing shared files and histories after Webex meetings. You can also change the app's theme.

  • Audio & video–Adjust your audio and video settings for meetings.

  • Meeting list–Integrate your Webex calendar or Microsoft Office 365 calendar with the app.

  • Help–Watch tutorial videos and access the Webex Help Center for more information on the app.

  • About–View the app version and Terms of Service.

Set your app to use light or dark mode by default. Light and dark mode change the way app pages, such as My Meetings or Recordings, and meetings look.

Go to More options > Settings > General. Under Appearance, choose whether you want to use Light or Dark mode.

If your site administrator has enabled this feature, you can upload your own image to display as your profile picture.


Go to More > Settings > My Account, and tap your initials or current profile picture.


Choose to do one of the following:

  • Take Photo—Use your device's camera to take a photo.
  • Choose Existing Photo—Select a photo from your device's gallery.
  • Remove Photo—Delete your current profile picture.

Can't find your meetings in the meeting list? You can select what appears in the meeting list of the Meetings mobile app. Make it match what's listed on your Webex site, Microsoft Office 365 calendar, or any combination that you like.


Open the Meetings app, and tap More options > Settings to view the main settings menu.


Tap Meeting list to open the calendar integrations section, and then select the calendars you want to add:

  • Select Webex Calendar to integrate meetings from your Webex site and see these upcoming meetings in the Meetings app.
  • Select Office 365 Calendar to integrate meetings from Outlook and see these upcoming meetings in the Meetings app.


The priority level for the calendar is as follows: Webex Calendar > Office 365 Calendar. Only Webex meetings appear in the meeting list.