Create a Schedule

A time schedule establishes a set of times during the day or holidays in the year in which a feature, for example auto attendants, can perform a specific action.

Schedule names and event names need to be unique.


From the customer view in, go to Services > Calling > Locations.


Select a location, and in the side panel, click Scheduling.


Click Add Schedule.


Enter a Schedule Name.


Under Schedule Type, select Business Hours to determine the schedule for your working hours during the day, and do the following:

  • Select the days that your business is open.

  • Specify the opening hours for each day.

  • If your business has a lunch break, select the lunch break and edit the hours that apply to every business day.

  • Click Save.


Under Schedule Type, select Holiday to create a schedule for specific days during the year when your organization is not open, and then do the following:

  • Enter a Holiday Name.

  • Select the Recurrence by choosing None, Weekly, or Yearly.

  • Check the check box if the Holiday is an All Day event.

  • In Holiday Duration, select the Day or Date, and enter the details depending on the recurrence.


Click Save.

Edit or Delete a Schedule

You can change or delete a schedule at any time. You can also export a schedule.


Click Services > Calling > Locations.


Select a location, and then click Scheduling.


In the list of schedules, click Edit to make changes, or to delete.


You cannot delete a schedule if it is active and assigned to a feature, for example, an auto attendant.


You can also export a schedule as a .csv file. Select a schedule, and then click Export.