To create a Conversation Profile:


Sign in to the Agent Assist UI and select a project.


While you create the Conversation profile, ensure that you select the following:

  • In the Suggestion Types field, select the Articles and/or FAQs to suggest documents from the knowledge base that are relevant to the end-user issues. When prompted to enter the details of the knowledge base, create a new knowledge base by selecting Data from the left menu.

  • In the Retrieval Method field, select Inline suggestions (API response) to enable Webex CCAI to receive the responses from Google CCAI.

  • In the Maximum Suggestions field, enter the maximum number of suggestions you want displayed for each suggestion set (returned by Google CCAI to Agent Desktop) in the Agent Answers gadget.

  • If you are using Virtual Agent, select Enable virtual agent. A Virtual Agent provides conversational self-service with hand off to human agents as necessary.

What to do next

Configure the Google CCAI connector. For more information, see the article Configure Google Contact Center AI Connector.