RealWear Navigator-520 is compatible with Webex Expert on Demand.

Webex Expert on Demand Application version is now supported in the newly released RealWear Navigator-520.

Control hub XoD license management is now available for Device Admin and Partner Admin roles.

Webex administrators with Device Administrator and Partner Administrator roles can manage Expert on Demand Devices licenses and onboarding processes.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Google has announced the End of Sale of Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Google will no longer sell Glass Enterprise Edition as of March 15, 2023. See this link for details- https://support.google.com/glass-enterprise/customer/answer/13417888)

Q: Will Webex Expert on Demand still work on Glass Enterprise Edition devices? If so, for how long?

A: Yes. Webex Expert on Demand will still work with version 1.9.3 and we will support it until April 1, 2024. No software updates will be available from Webex Expert on Demand for Glass Enterprise.

December 19, 2022

Version 1.9.3

Feature addtions

We've added the following new functionality:

  • Bulk add devices in Control Hub.
  • Toggle the BNR (Background Noise Reduction) feature on or off before getting on a call.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed inconsistency in providing a continuous video stream to all the participants in a call.
  • During a call, unintended usage of numbers in the conversation are recognized as dummy commands and ignored.

August 26, 2022

Version 1.9.2

Control Hub integration

We've added the following new Control Hub functionality:

  • Find details for Google Glass, HMT, and Navigator-500 devices registered to your organization

  • View the total number of active XoD device licenses registered to your organization

  • Expert on Demand device management:

    • Addition of single and multiple devices

    • Removal of devices

Expert on Demand now available on the Navigator 500

The Nav500 is a next generation ruggedized assisted-reality solution, with enhanced camera capability.

Extended support for Webex meetings

You can now view meetings from the current time until the end of the day. In addition, you can join meetings that were scheduled to start up to 90 minutes prior to the current time.

For any meeting, the earliest you can join is five minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start. If you attempt to join earlier, a message is displayed, Meeting not yet started.

Capture and share photos in audio-only mode

You can now share photos when in audio-only mode. Photos can be annotated and shared with direct contacts or with a space depending upon the type of call.

July 13, 2022

Version 1.9.1

Higher resolution during calls

Expert on Demand now supports 1080p video resolution during calls, allowing remote experts to view shared content more clearly.

This feature is not available by default. Contact your account team to enable it for your organization.

Check if someone else is signed in

Before you sign in to Expert on Demand, you can check if another user is already signed in. This is useful for organizations that share devices between multiple people and user accounts.

March 30, 2022


Share content

You can access files from your local storage and share them in a space or with a meeting host. You can then access that content at any time and simultaneously analyze content with other people.

For more information, see Share content.

Remote control

Remote Webex App users can now take control during a call with an Expert on Demand user. The Expert on Demand user must share their screen before the remote user can request control.


The remote user must be using the desktop version of Webex App.

For more information, see In-call controls.

More options during calls

We've added additional audio and video options during calls, such as stopping your video or switching to audio-only mode when bandwidth is low.

For more information, see In-call controls.

August 31, 2021


FedRAMP Authorized

Webex Expert on Demand is now available with Webex for Government offer/sites.

May 27, 2021


Join meetings

You can now join scheduled meetings. You'll also see notifications a few minutes before a scheduled meeting begins, letting you choose to join the meeting early.

For more information, see Join a meeting.

Cisco Webex Expert on Demand with Augmentir

A Webex Expert on Demand integration with Augmentir is available for customers currently using Augemntir on the RealWear HMT Device. This integration lets you open Augmentir from the Webex Expert on Demand app for AI-Powered workflows and guided instructions.

Menu Option

We've added a new menu option on the home screen, where you can access the following:

  • Webex Help—descriptions for commonly used commands.

  • Augmentir—launch the Augmentir app, if installed on the device.

  • Signout—sign out of Expert on Demand.

For more information, see Menu Options.

Simplified Annotation

We've simplified the process for annotating a photo. You can now move the annotation cursor around the screen using your head movements.

For more information, see In Call Controls.

Focus controls

We've updated the on-screen controls to include a manual focus option, that you can use when you're in a call.

For more information, see In Call Controls.

Zoom controls

When you zoom in on a shared screen, you can use your head movements to pan around the screen.

For more information, see In Call Controls.

Language support

We've added support for more languages, including Thai, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, German, Italian, and French.

Improvements to video quality

We've also improved video quality, by including a Higher frame rate for shared content (15fps), and improved image stabilization for captured video content.

November 13, 2020

Version 1.7.0

Join meetings

You can now join ongoing meetings in group spaces.

For more information, see Join an Ongoing Meeting.

Exposure controls

We've updated the on-screen controls to include exposure levels, that you can use when you're in a call.

For more information, see In Call Controls.

Display improvements to the QR code

We've added a larger QR code, to make it easier to scan with your RealWear HMT-1 device, when you sign in.

For more information, see Power on and Sign in.

Language support

We've also added support for more languages, including Thai, Russian, Polish, Korean, German, and French.

August 7, 2020

Version 1.6.0

The following features are included in this release:

  • Annotations by remote expert

  • Language support for Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish

June 19, 2020

Version 1.5.1

The following are the features included in this release:

  • New branding

  • New QR code authentication application expert-on-demand.webex.com

  • Flashlight feature

  • Annotations by HMT user

  • Multi-party calls with video pinning

  • Network status

December 11, 2019

Version 1.4.2

The following are the features included in this release:

  • Audio/Video calling with one other person

  • One-way remote expert screen sharing to Expert on Demand (HMT user)

  • Send request for help message to a specific member of a team or the entire team

  • Search for members in the same organization

  • Search and display teams