Events (new) is available on version 41.4 and later sites.

The number of people you can invite to an event depends on the license purchased. Webinars can include up to 10,000 people. Webcasts are only included with event subscriptions with 3000 or more users. Webcasts are not available for Webex for Government.

After you schedule an event, you get a confirmation email, as well as an email to forward to attendees.


Sign in to your Webex site, then select Schedule an event.


(Optional) If you have any saved event templates, select one from the Event templates drop-down menu.


Add the basics by providing the following information:

  • Topic—Choose a topic that people will recognize and get excited about.
  • Event password—Use the password that's provided or enter your own. Attendees must enter this password to join your event.
  • Date and time—Indicate when the event will be taking place. If you're inviting people from different time zones, click the Time zone planner so you can find a time that works best for everyone.
  • Attendee view—Indicate whether you're scheduling a webinar or a webcast. See Compare webinar and webcast mode in Webex Events (new) for more information.

Set up your panelists by including the following information:

  • Panelists—Enter the email addresses of the people you’re inviting to help you run your webinar or webcast. If they have an account on this site, you can select next to their name if you want them to be a cohost.
  • Panelist password—Use the password that's provided or enter your own. Panelists must enter this password to be part of your event panel. If panelists don't enter this password when they join your event, they just join as an attendee.


    If a panelist has an account on the same site where the event is hosted, they'll just have to sign in. If they don't have an account on the same site, they'll be prompted to enter this panelist password.

Check out Webinar roles in Webex Events (new) for information about the differences between the various roles.


Click Show advanced options to customize audio options, add an agenda, require registration, hold a practice session, and more.


Click Save as template to save these options as a template for future use.


Click Schedule to schedule your event.

Once the event is scheduled, you can select it from your Meetings list and invite attendees, customize the Registration and Join pages for webinars, as well as what your attendees see in webcasts.

Once the event is scheduled, you can click to download an .ics file, or add the event to your Google or Microsoft Office 365 Calendar.


You'll receive an email to forward to attendees to invite them to the event.