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20 June 2021

Agent Desktop Enhancement

Support for Google Chrome: The Agent Desktop supports Google Chrome V88.0.4324 or higher. The agents will not be disconnected any longer due to Chrome regulating memory usage for the application.

August 2020

“Do not share PII” Banner on Email Template Configuration Screen

Administrators create email templates for their organization's agents by using the Create Process Article menu option on the Management Portal. On the email template configuration screen, a new banner containing an alert message "Do not share PII, Financial, or Health information in the email content or attachments" is displayed.

July 2020

Stereo Recording

The Stereo Recording feature now provides both the caller's and receiver's audio streams as two separate audio channels within a single recording file. This enables voice analytics, which was not possible in a mono file where the audio is mixed into a single stream.

May 2020

Pause and Resume Feature

An agent can invoke the Pause and Resume recording events from the Agent Desktop during a call. The events are stored in the customer activity record (CAR). The CAR is made available by an API to WFO/WFM providers. If there is a delay beyond the time lapse allowed to resume recording, the Privacy Shield feature auto-resumes the recording.

Issue Number



In MM QMonitor, all the ContactsInQ are not displayed.


Email does not poll if the mail does not have a subject header.

Issue Number



Reports are not available for the agents who were migrated from R9 to R10.


Logged in agents not seen on TAM though seen on JACG


One jACG instance ( jACG []) went into bad state and caused agent logins to fail.


jACG log level change does not need service restart.

Issue Number



Cannot download the Skill Profile Report from Tenant Management Portal for the R10 tenant OceanX.


Issues in the bulk upload of DN for EP from Tenant Management Portal for the R10 tenant OceanX.


Cannot download Routing report from the dashboard post Kafka/Portal upgrade.


Timezone changes are not updated for Routing Strategies at Tenant Level.


Historical reports for the agents who migrated from R9 to R10, are unavailable in Legacy Customer Dashboard.

Issue Number



Multiple Agents are missing from Realtime time analyzer reports.


Loads of TemporalAggregationOrchestrator errors on production, almost 5 every second.