Capture Webex Tracer Logs in Microsoft Windows

The Webex Tracer (also known as WBX Tracer) is a utility that captures Webex join, in-meeting, and desktop app events that can be used for troubleshooting many issues.

Download either the Webex Tracer 32-bit or Webex Tracer 64-bit utility depending on your computer.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Extract the contents of the ZIP file
  2. Double-click the wbxtracer.exe file. Allow it to run during the next steps.
  3. Start/join your meeting and replicate the issue
  4. Once the issue has been replicated, go to the wbxtracer utility and save the file (either through the folder icon at the top right or by clicking CTRL+S)

Once you have the file, you can provide it when contacting technical support.

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