Troubleshooting Webex Proximity Pairing Problems

Troubleshooting Webex proximity pairing problems

Run Diagnostics for Webex Pairing

I can't pair my Windows or Mac laptop to Cisco Webex Room devices.

Microphone issues are preventing proximity pairing to Webex.

Is there any workaround when having Webex proximity pairing issues?

Known limitations and pairing issues with a personal video device


The Webex app pairs to Cisco Webex Room devices using ultrasonic sound waves. The pairing process is usually automatic, but if you’re having trouble, you can use the device pairing diagnostic information to help you find and solve the issue.

To view the diagnostic information:

For Windows:

  1. Click on your profile picture, then select Help.
  2. Select Diagnostics.
The diagnostics window appears:
User-added image


For Mac:

  1. Click on Help, then select Diagnostics.

If your app detects any pairing issues, you will see devices listed with issues highlighted in red. Click User-added image on the issue for more information. Webex provides diagnostics to isolate and troubleshoot any issues with proximity pairing users on Windows or Mac OS.

Once the issue is fixed, it should be marked with a green check mark.

Known Limitations and Workaround:
  • When a Video device such as (SX, DX)  are registered to Cloud and assigned to a user, the feature is called Personal Mode, and it is not applicable to use Proximity. 
  • Users can pair their clients with shared devices, but not personal devices.  This is by design.
  • Proximity will not work if VoIP is in use.
Note: The 'Personal mode' allows you to register the Room Device as a personal device that is linked to the respective user account that generated activation code. When someone calls the associated user, the device will ring together with the clients. Pairing client to a personal device such as DX80 the proximity option is NOT supported and the features that come with pairing a client are also not supported, for example, wireless sharing of content.

The following issues may appear on the diagnostics panel:
  • No microphone  – There is no microphone connected to the PC. To fix this, you need to plug in an external microphone or activate the internal microphone.
  • Microphones muted  – All available microphones are currently muted. You need to unmute at least one microphone.
  • Could not access microphone  – The microphone is currently used by another application in Exclusive Mode (MSDN Exclusive-Mode Streams) and therefore it can’t be used by Webex. Closing the application that is using the microphone and restarting the Webex app should fix the issue.
  • Audio drivers outdated  – Webex proximity pairing requires the audio drivers to be updated.
  • Incompatible microphone  – The frequency proximity records at is 48khz. Microphones recording at a lower frequency are unable to detect ultrasound so the device will fail to pair.
For help, see the following article:

If an above issue is not resolved, contact the Webex technical support. For help, see: WBX88620 - Where Do I Find Support for Webex?

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