Changes to Online Case Submission

This article applies to Cisco Webex customers and partners. This article does not apply to Webex attendees.

Changes to Online Case Submission

We’re happy to share changes to the Cisco Webex support experience! You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened! You want a single, streamlined, easy to access tool to open, view, and update your cases across Cisco Services. That tool is Cisco’s Support Case Manager (SCM).

  • SCM streamlines the process to open cases across Cisco's Global Technical  Assistance Center (TAC).
  • Access to all of your cases is in one location.
  • You can:
    • Create new, and view current cases
    • Get status updates
    • Communicate directly with your TAC engineer.
What do you need to do?
  • Customers can use their Webex Common Identity (CI) enabled accounts to log in to SCM.  Webex customers who do not have a Webex CI enabled account can sign up for a Cisco Connection Online (CCO) ID to submit cases using SCM. See the note below for more information on how to determine which account type you have.

What about other channels – can I still use them?
  • You can use any of our service channels (phone, chat*, online) to meet your support needs.
*Note - Chat is NOT available for FedRAMP customers
For help contacting support, see: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?

How can I tell if I have a Webex Common Identity account?

If you can log in to using your email address and Webex password, you have a Common Identity account. When you submit a case after June 29, 2018, you will be able to login with your CI account and may be prompted to provide some additional information at that time. You will not need to create a separate CCO ID.
If you are unable to login to using your email address and Webex password, you will want to create a Cisco CCO ID after June 29, 2018. When you sign up for your new CCO ID, be sure to use the same email address used for your Webex accounts. Once created, you can use your new CCO ID to login to SCM and submit cases. It is recommended that you sign up for the CCO ID after June 29, 2018 as your support entitlements may not be setup correctly. You can find more information about Cisco CCO IDs and register for an account at
More Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What happens to my existing cases submitted before June 29, 2018?

A. Previously submitted cases will still be available to review from the MyResources support portal for a period of time. Previously submitted cases beginning with "HD00" will NOT be available within the new SCM interface.
Q. If I use MyResources today, will I need to sign up for a new account?

A. If you are using a CI enabled account, you will not need to create a new account. If you do not have a CI enabled account, you will need to sign up for a CCO ID to track your cases online. If you do not sign up for a CCO ID and do not have a CI enabled account, you will still have the ability to open a case, but will be unable to track or update the case online using SCM.
Q. Can I access SCM directly to open a case?

A.Yes. Initially, all users will be redirected to a form that allows cases to be opened for Webex users and attendees. Since this form is used for both user types, it will first check to see if you have a Common Identity based account or a valid Cisco CCO ID. If one of these account types is found, you will be redirected to SCM to submit the case. If you do not have a Common Identity or Cisco CCO ID, you will still be able to submit a case online.
You can bookmark to access SCM and submit your cases online.
Q. Where can I get more information on SCM?

A. Help documentation is available within the SCM tool.

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