Error: 'A User Account for the User Name or Email Address Already Exists' when Signing Up for Host Account

Error: 'A user account for the username or email address already exists' when signing up for host account.

The host is unable to log in because of a problem with their account status.

Host cannot use login assistance to retrieve password for an existing host account.

Host has recently signed up for a host account but cannot log in.


The following are possible causes for this issue:

  • The activation of a pending host account may not be automatic, and must be approved by the Webex site administrator at your company.
  • Your account was recently deactivated, either automatically through non-usage or manually by your company's Site Administrator.

In order to resolve any of the above causes for this issue, you will need to contact your company's Webex site administrator or Cisco Support to modify or create your account.

See the following:

(Your company's IT department may also have visibility into your Webex account, or may be able to direct you to your site administrator.)


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