Prompted to Enter URL, Account Name and Password when Converting an NBR to .MP4 Format

If you're experiencing an issue with converting a Webex recording to MP4, you will need to authenticate your Webex host account in the conversion tool.

Prompted to enter URL, account name and password when trying to convert an NBR to .MP4 format.

Unable to convert an .ARF file to .MP4.

Error: 'Cannot install conversion tool. Contact your site administrator.'

Prompted to log in when converting from .ARF to .MP4.

Error: 'Your Webex service site does not support converting Webex recordings to MP4 format.'

Error: 'The new version of the conversion tool is not available on your Webex service site.'

MP4 Recordings Default in Webex Meetings 40.10

In the upcoming October (40.10) update, all-new recordings in Webex Meetings will be stored in MP4 format, either in the cloud or locally as selected at the site or host level, with a video-centric experience. By standardizing the recording format, you'll have a wider choice of playback tools, better security, and a more effortless collaboration experience even after your meetings. Existing ARF and WRF recordings can still be downloaded or played at the Webex site. For more information regarding video-centric recording, go to Video-Centric Network-Based MP4 Recordings in Webex Meetings and Webex Events.


If your company has multiple Webex sites, you can try entering the other site addresses into the URL field.


You may receive a prompt to authenticate in the following dialog window when trying to convert Network-Based Recordings to .MP4 format:

Converting .ARF files to .MP4 format requires a special plug-in to be installed to the Network-Recording Player. This plug-in is controlled due to licensing requirements, and requires users to authenticate to their Webex host account when downloading the file.


Sites with Single Sign On (SSO) enabled:

  • You can enter your site URL and any text into the Account Name and Password text boxes. A new window will be opened to allow SSO authentication. Once authenticated, the plug-in will be downloaded.
If the plug-in is blocked:
  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip the files and extract the complete 'plugin' folder to the location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Webex\Webex\ARFConverter
    • ​Note: Create a 'plugin' folder if it does not already exist.
  3. Re-try the .ARF to .MP4 conversion process.

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