Currently when a user is on a call using their Cisco phone, the phone presence status is not synced with the Webex App. Your co-workers can not detect your phone status. As a result, the co-workers do not know whether to transfer or forward a new call to you.

With this feature, your deskphone on-call status is synchronized with the Webex App enabling your co-workers to see your deskphone status on their Webex App. When you're on an active call, your presence status will change to "On a Call". This status changes back to available once your call ends.

There are certain presence states that have higher priority compared to “On a call”. These states are “Do Not Disturb”, “Out of Office”, “Presenting” and “In a Meeting”. When user’s presence status is one of these, on-hook or off-hook activity on phone does not result in user’s presence status changing to “On a call”.