Webex Integration to Microsoft Outlook for Windows

Webex integration to Microsoft Outlook is part of Webex Productivity Tools. Webex integration to Outlook for Windows gives you an easy way to schedule or start Webex meetings using Outlook.

Your site administrator may have installed Webex Productivity Tools for you. If not, you can download it from your Webex site. See Install and Set Up Webex Productivity Tools for Windows.

Meeting invitees don't need to use Outlook to join the meeting, and only need a Webex account if the meeting is restricted to Webex users on your site.

Webex Integration to Outlook Toolbar Options

The Webex integration to Microsoft Outlook adds a button and a drop-down list to the Home ribbon in Outlook. Most of the options are self-explanatory, but there are a few under Schedule Meeting > More, that might need a bit of an explanation.

  • Meeting Templates—Lets you view templates that you or your site administrator saved on your Webex site. The templates contain meeting settings. You can select the template that meets your needs. Meeting templates are available only if site administration settings allow hosts to use templates for Outlook.

  • Set Scheduling Permission—Opens the My Webex > Scheduling Options page on your Webex site on which you can assign a delegate to schedule or edit meetings on your behalf.

  • Start Personal Conference Meeting—Lets you Start Personal Conference Meeting. If you don't have a Personal Conference number it takes you to the Webex site where you can generate a the Personal Conference number by adding the Host access code and Attendee access code.

  • Go to Webex Site—Takes you to the Webex site where you can start, join, or schedule a meeting and can see all your Webex site controls in one place.

  • Help—Takes you to the help documentation for Cisco Webex Productivity Tools.

  • Check for Updates —Checks if you have the latest version of Productivity Tools, and there is a new version available, allows you to download it.

  • Sign Out—Signs you out of Productivity Tools.

Webex Productivity Tools Panel

The Productivity Tools panel makes it easy to start and manage your meetings. To open the Productivity Tools Panel Select the Productivity Tools icon from the Windows taskbar, Start menu, or desktop.

The Productivity Tools panel or some of the Productivity Tools options may not be available, depending on your site settings.

Here are a few things you can do with the Productivity Tools Panel:

  • Search for a meeting: Select the Search icon to open a search window where you can enter a name, email address, meeting number, keyword, or meeting title to search for a meeting.

  • Schedule a meeting: Select the Schedule icon to open the Microsoft Outlook Meeting window and schedule a Webex, Personal Room, or Personal Conference meeting.

  • Start a meeting: Select Start Meeting to start an instant meeting. By default, instant meetings are held in your Personal Room.

  • View your My Meetings list: Select more to view your upcoming meetings for the day. From the My Meeting list you can do the following:

    Personal Room meetings and meetings created on other Webex sites do not appear on the My Meetings list.