You can generate and view reports that show Webex Cloud Connected Audio (Webex CCA) and Cisco Webex conference services usage metrics. Access historical data for 12 months, or filter the data to show a shorter time, a specific Webex site, or different session types. You can also export the data that you see on screen as a .CSV file.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are a set of comparisons of Webex CCA usage metrics. They are based on the time period set by the duration filter.

When a KPI shows -- that means there is insufficient data or the KPI isn't applicable for the selected filters.
  • Select the Zoom icon to display the enlarged graph as a shadow box over the web page. You can export each graph as a .PNG or .PDF by selecting the Export icon.

  • Mouse over elements in the graph to reveal the data point values.

  • To view a KPI in graph format, select the KPI name. To view a graph group, expand a report panel such as Total Meetings.

  • Within each graph, you can select each legend item to use as a subfilter.

Charts, and Acronyms

Most of the charts that are shown in the reports section are easy to understand. However, some charts or acronyms some charts or acronyms are more technical in nature. Use this information to help you understand the data.


The Total Audio PSTN Minutes chart shows PSTN minutes provided by Webex. If you are using your own PSTN service, the data won't show here.

The Host Scheduling Method uses the following acronyms:

  • PT_OC_CLIENT—Webex Productivity Tools.

  • Unspecific—Unable to determine the scheduling method.

  • CLICK_2_CONFERENCE—Webex Connect One Click.

  • OI—Webex Outlook Integration.

  • NI—Webex Lotus Notes Integration.

  • Webex—Webex Meeting Site.

The Active Webex Hosts chart uses the following terms to classify Webex meeting hosts.

  • Registered Host—A host who has a Webex host account.

  • Active Host—A host who has scheduled at least one Webex meeting per month. An Active Host is also considered a Registered Host.

  • Power Host—A host who has scheduled at least three Webex meetings per month. A Power Host is considered a Registered Host and an Active Host.