Sign in to Control Hub, then under Management, select Users.


Select a user and click the Calling tab.


Go to the Call handling section and select Selectively Accept Calls.


Turn on the toggle.


Select a predefined schedule from the drop-down list.

If you don’t see a schedule that you want to use for this setting, you can create a new schedule from the Schedules page. For more information, see Create Schedules.


Click Add Schedule to set the following parameters:

  • Schedule—Select the predefined schedule for when the user wants to accept the calls from the drop-down list.

    If you're a location administrator, only the schedules pertaining to your assigned locations appear.
  • Calls From—Select to accept calls from Any Phone Number or Select Phone Numbers. If you choose Select Phone Numbers, enter the additional details.

  • Accept or Don't accept—Choose to accept or decline the calls that fit within these parameters.


Click Save.

The created schedule is added to the Accept or Don't Accept table. You can edit or delete schedules from the tables, as needed.

Don't Accept takes precedence over Accept.

Click Save.


A user can also set up selective call acceptance on their own in the user portal. For more details, see Selectively accept calls. Any changes made to these settings by the user will be reflected in both the user portal and Control Hub.