Call Presence Synchronization

Currently when you are On Call using their Cisco phone, there is no synchronization of phone presence status with the Webex App. Your coworkers cannot detect your phone status. As a result, the coworkers do not know whether to transfer or forward a new call to you.

With this feature, there is synchronization of your desk phone on-call status with the Webex App, enabling your coworkers to see your desk phone status on their Webex App. When you're on an active call, your presence status changes to On Call. This status changes back to available when your call ends.

There are certain presence states that have higher priority compared to On Call. These states are Do Not Disturb, Out of Office, Presenting and In a Meeting. When your presence status is one of the above, on-hook or off-hook activity on a phone does not result in your presence status changing to On Call.


  • Configure Phone Presence applications On-Premises.

  • Sync up Unified CM with Control Hub UI.

  • Map Unified CM to Webex Common Identity (CI).

  • Subscribe to Cloud-Connected UC, and Connect the On-Prem devices to Cloud-Connected UC.

    If you have not subscribed to CCUC, see Set Up Webex Cloud-Connected UC for On-Premises Devices.

Enable Call Presence

Enable Call Presence in Cloud Connected UC.


From the customer view in Control Hub, go to Services > Connected UC. On the UC Management card, click Inventory

The list of cluster groups with the description, status, clusters, and nodes appear.


Click Details next to the cluster group to which the node belongs.

The Inventory page with the list of clusters appears.

Click Details next to the cluster to which the node belongs.

The Node name with the version, product, and status appears.

Click the ellipsis ... icon next to Event History and choose Service Management.

The Service Management page appears with the list of services, such as Analytics, Certificate Management, Operational Metrics, Borderless CTI, and Deployment Insights.

Use the toggle button to enable Phone Presence, and follow the on-screen instructions to enable it.


When a cluster provisions, the synchronization of Unified CM with the CCUC begin to get the phone presence request configured for the cluster.

Supported Versions and Phone Types

  • This feature supports on Unified CM version-12.5 SU7.

  • Webex App on Desktop (Windows and MAC) and Webex App on Mobile (iOS and Andriod) latest version.

  • Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series, Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series, Webex Desk Series (DX), and Desk Pro are the list of phone type supported.